Main Street Lake Placid Upgrades

Main Street Lake Placid Upgrades
North to South End Overview of Main Street Upgrade Area

Main Street Lake Placid Upgrades



The Main Street Upgrade has completed the Spring and Summer 2021 seasons.  Fall 2021 construction cycle is underway.   




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Weekly Construction Forecast: September 20, 2021.

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Additional Main Street Parking

Main Street parking is available at the public lot near the Post Office and in the central lot across from NBT Bank. 


For access to more parking, the Lake Placid Xpress has added a stop at the Lake Placid Historical Society / old train station on Station Street.  242 Station Street, Lake Placid, NY 12946.  More information about the route can be found in the Lake Placid Xpress schedule.  



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Main St Detour, One Main Park, Sidewalks, and More


Work continues for the Main Street upgrade.  Fall 2021 focus areas include sidewalks, One Main Park plantings, and the completion of new water service tie-ins.  Additional parking for Main Street is available at the Lake Placid Historical Society / old train station on Station Street.  See the details above. To learn more choose the topic that is of interest:


Fall 2021 Construction Activities 


Construction will continue during the fall of 2021, and is targeted to wrap up mid to late November, depending upon weather.  Multiple crews may be working at the same time - sign up for the weekly Construction Forecast updates to stay in-touch with each week's activities.  Once Fall 2021 work is completed, a temporary road surface would be laid for winter.  This fall's activities focus on these elements: 



Curbing & sidewalks

Once the water management system work is nearing completion a crew will follow up to prepare the sidewalk and road. 


Starting on the west side (Theatre) at the north end, they will tear out and replace the older curbing with new granite curbing, and excavate the current sidewalk. A rubber mat would be laid down until it is replaced with the new sidewalk material - granite block - supporting access to buildings. Store and restuarant owners would be notified in advance of when crews plan to work in front of their entrance.  Crews anticipate working quickly to help maintain access and minimize disruption. 


The Village anticipates that the west side (Theatre side) would be completed around the end of September. 


Once the west side is completed the crew will starting working on the east side (lake side), starting at the north end by One Main Park.  The Village plans to install new curbing and to excavate the current sidewalks to the US Post Office.  Granite block would be installed to about Mids Park and then the remaining stretch would be filled in with black top.  This is due to the current granite block supply.  In the spring of 2022 the Village intends to replace the blacktop with the granite block, completing the east side sidewalk work.    


Learn more about the new sidewalks.  

One Main Park 




Crews anticipate placing plants that would be most able to survive the winter.  The rest of the planting would then be completed in the Spring of 2022. 



Water Management System

The Village plans to finish the water connections at the south end of Main Street, starting at Smoke Signals.  Next work would continue from the Golden Arrow to Cunningham's near Olympic Drive.  There are thirteen (13) water connections left, including eight (8) laterals, and fire hydrants and tie-ins.  The Village anticipates completing this portion about mid to late September.  This would mark the end of the water main work.  


The Village also plans to install trench lines for surface water drainage on the west side (Theatre side). They will begin at the north end around the Dancing Bear and the High Peaks Resort, and finish at the central parking lot across from the NBT Bank. 


Spring and Summer 2021 saw significant worked completed, including new: 


  16" water main on Main Street with most of the new water services to the buildings also installed 

√   stormwater management basin in One Main Park along with parts of the stormwater drainage on Parkside Drive 

√  stormwater management basin in the central parking lot across from NBT bank and in the public parking lot across from the Post Office, including a new trench drain at the bottom of Olympic Drive 

  configuration for One Main Park, along with a newly shaped Main Street / Sara-Placid Road (Rte 86) intersection and granite pavers 

  new irrigation system in One Main Park in preparation for fall planting as well as a new railing, and the placement of a sitting wall and boulders 

√  granite curbing on Mirror Lake Drive across from Lakeside Resort, up Sara-Placid Road (Rte 86) and in front of High Peaks Resort including new granite and concrete paver sidewalks 

  Redi-Rock wall in the central parking lot across from NBT bank, including new ramp, spaces, temproary surface and parking spot painting

√  unexpected (due to deteriorating conditions) 12" water main and 8" sewer main on Sara-Placid Road (Rte 86), with all laterals and connections completed


Information Sessions 


The Village recently shared the construction, mobility, communications and marketing plans for the Main Street Upgrade. The presentation is below under "Documents" and the recording is below under "Links".  


To see the Main Street Upgrade Overview shared in November 2020, download the presentation under "Documents" below.  



Check this page often as the Village posts updates about the Main Street upgrades.  







Main Street Upgrade 2nd Information Session Recording (March 2021)
The recording of the second information session presentation for the Main Street Upgrade

Main Street Updgrade Construction Forecast - September 20, 2021 week

Main Street Upgrade construction, mobility, communicatios and marketing plans
Overview of the Main Street Upgrades.
Main Street Upgrade Bumpout



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