Main Street Lake Placid Upgrades

Main Street Spring 2021 Construction Plan Summary
Summary of construction activity on Main Street for Spring 2021

Main Street Lake Placid Upgrades


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June 18 & 21: select or see below under Documents.

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Main Street Upgrade construction area and taffic bypass
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Detours, Sidewalks, One Main Park and More


The Main Street project includes significant improvements for the sidewalks and One Main Park as well as detours to help keep traffic flowing onto Main Street.  To learn more select the topic that is of interest: Detours, Sidewalks, One Main Park.   More topics will be added in the near future.  


Information Sessions 


The Village recenly shared the construction, mobility, communications and marketing plans for the Main Street Upgrade. The presentation is below under "Documents" and the recording is below under "Links".  


To see the Main Street Upgrade Overview shared in November 2020, download the presentation under "Documents" below.  





The Main Street Advisory Group - a team of stakeholders, at-large community members, and Village employees - have worked together for the last few years to design, plan and bid upgrades to Main Street.  The construction zone stretches from the intersection of Sara Placid Road and Hillcrest Avenue at the north end, to the intersection of Olympic Drive and Main Street at the south end. 


The upgrades include cross walks, streetscape, water main and water service, stormwater management, parking and loading zones.  It is a complex project that will take three years to complete.  The project intends to:

  • improve the way Main Street operats and flows 
  • help Main Street to be safer for all
  • help to protect the environment
  • keep Main Street vital, a place to come back to
The Village has awarded the bid for the Main Street Upgrades and has completed the initial construction timeline.  See the Main Street Upgrae Plans presentation below to learn more about the construction, mobility, communications and marketing plans.  
Check this page often as the Village posts updates about the Main Street upgrades.  







Main Street Upgrade 2nd Information Session Recording (March 2021)
The recording of the second information session presentation for the Main Street Upgrade
Main Street Upgrade Daily Construction Forecast - June 18 & 21, 2021
Main Street Upgrade construction, mobility, communicatios and marketing plans
Overview of the Main Street Upgrades.
Main Street Lake Placid Upgrades
Main Street Upgrade Bumpout


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