Sidewalk update for Main Street Lake Placid

New Sidewalks by High Peaks Resort - June 29, 2021
New sidewalks and granite curbing by High Peaks Resort - June 29, 2021 This is an example of what Main St. sidewalks will look like after work in 2022.

Sidewalk update for Main Street Lake Placid

The Main Street Upgrade project includes new curbing and a complete refresh of the sidewalks.




The current curb will be replaced with granite, and it will extend 6" above the road surface along the length of Main Street.  This will provide a clean and consistent surface for parking, the sidewalks and the bump-outs of the cross walks.  Additionally the new curb will be in compliance with New York State requirements. 




The sidewalk pavers will be replaced with granite blocks that range in size from 12" x 12" to 12" x 24".  The granite surface is textured to help provide traction when walking, and will be laid out in a random pattern.  The granite will extend to a maximum width of 8' from the curb toward the building facades, and to the thresholds of the building entrances.  Any space more than 8' from the curb to the building facade will be filled in with a coordinating warm and textured medium-gray concrete block. For example, if a building facade is 8.5' from the new curb, then 8' will be granite block and 0.5' will be concrete block.  At Mids Park the granite blocks will be laid at the street level - to the railing overlooking the part, the stairs and the ramp that goes to the lower level.  


Before laying the new sidewalks the Village will remove the old pavers, regrade the surface under the sidewalks, and install an impervious membrane between the building facade and the curb to help prevent water intrusion.   


The new sidewalk materials and design will help to provide a better walking surface that appears very finished and feels more open.  




New sidewalk on Mirror Lake Drive by Lake Side Hotel - June 2021
Main Street Lake Placid New Sidewalk Granite
Main Street Upgrade Bumpout
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