One Main Park updates

One Main Park - June 2021
Progress at One Main Park in June, 2021 Granite curbing and walkways

One Main Park updates

The Main Street Upgrade project includes updates for One Main Park that help to expand its prominence on Main Street. 


The intersection of Main Street and Sara-Placid Road will be reshaped by expanding One Main Park into the intersection.    The curent cross-walk between Mirror Lake Drive and Sara-Placid Road by the Lake House Hotel will be replaced with one between the apex of the One Main Park expansion to Sara-Placid Road, on the same side.  The cross-walk between The Dancing Bear and the Top of the Park will be removed.   Directing pedestrians to the Lake House Hotel side of Sara-Placid Road will help the flow of traffic between Main Street and Sara-Placid Road, and continue to put pedestrians on the less congested side of that intersection. 


New granite sidewalks will be installed along the road opposited the Lake House Hotel on Mirror Lake Drive. The granite will be the same 12" x 12" to 12" x 24" textured blocks used on the rest of the Main Street. New walking paths will also be laid in the park using the granite blocks, and new stairs will enable access to the lakefront.  The lansdcape plan includes boths plants and trees that thrive well in Lake Placid's environment.  


Select the picture on the top right of this page to see these details in the One Mark Park plan view.  Renderings that show how One Main Park would look when it is done are at the bottom of this page, and can be enlarged when selecting them.  





One Main Park Plan View
One Main Park Updates - front view rendering
One Main Park Updates - side view rendering
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